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The Patricia in Wild Thing

The Patricia in Wild Thing


"You make my heart sing..."

This is Patricia, she falls easy, romantic to a fault - sorry not sorry. The Patricia was created with a respect for fashion history and a sustainable future in mind.

Feast your eyes on Mindful One’s very limited edition Wild Thing print, inspired by rock 'n' roll icons Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler. Let your inner animal out.

Grab a piece of sustainable fashion history and make everything groovy like The Wild Ones did.

Wear her with our Mary cropped vintage lace blouse for a match made in Heaven, pictured in Moonshadow.

Style Details:

  • high waist, bias cut skirt

  • left side seam 7 button closure, hand-crafted covered with elastic closure for easy dressing

  • flowy mermaid drape with demure double side slits

  • ankle to floor length, depending on your height

  • reversible style, she looks good both ways, see main photo of The Patricia in Purple Rain for reverse look

made in Los Angeles in small batches | we only make what you buy


  • Photos shown are taken with flash photography. Reference Wild Thing photos from our Lookbook and the swatch below as well.

Model is 5'5" wearing a size 4

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The Patricia was designed in homage to French rebel sh-entrepreneur and fashion pioneer, Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975). She designed the bias cut to celebrate the feminine form and shift the fashion industry away from oppressive, binding corsets. The demure side slit details are drawn from 1920s-1940s Shanghai fashion and the evolution of the qipao. 

Wild Thing Swatch


Light and soft woven twill.
Unlined in a 5oz. weight.

100% Vintage Rayon Challis
Made in USA | Limited Edition


To ensure consistent fit and maintain the fabric integrity of this vintage fabric, dry clean at a green dry cleaner.

If you wash this fabric it will shrink a bit.